I'm Back ... And It is shaping up to be a GREAT Tax Year!

Year-end took its toll on the Tennessee Tax Blog, but I'm back! The Tennessee Legislature is in session. Nashville is trying to raise taxes for transit and also trying to attract a new Amazon HQ. The Metro Council is attacking Air BNB, and ... Did I mention Transit?

From a more broad perspective, the Federal Government passed the most significant tax law changes since 1986, and the US Supreme Court is going to take on a Sales Tax Nexus case ... What ?!@ All kinds of good stuff to talk about with the Tennessee Tax Blog keeping it real! 

Tune in if you want to understand the tax piece of all these wranglings, and I probably won't be able to help myself and also delve into the politics of tax, making sure that those running for elected office this year will be required to show us what they understand about tax policy ... other than that they want to cut taxes. Senator race, Congressional races, Governor's race, State Legislature... Let's keep them honest! (WHAT AM I SAYING, THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE...) 

I'm missing some things, but whatever. Get ready for a great TAX year and ... Let's do this!