History Behind the Carter Shelton Tennessee Tax Blog

Carter Shelton, Tennessee’s new tax boutique law firm, has launched its Tennessee tax blog. The blog will update Tennessee taxpayers on all things Tennessee tax, including legislation, litigation and happenings within the Department of Revenue. Taxes covered by the blog will be the franchise and excise taxes, sales tax, property tax, business tax, and other Tennessee taxes. The blog will also focus on multistate tax developments that will be of interest to Tennessee taxpayers, including economic nexus, sales tax on software and services, and nonresident withholding requirements.

I have long-considered the idea of a Tennessee tax blog, but years ago when I raised the idea of a Tennessee tax blog to the then-Commissioner of Revenue, Reagan Farr, his response was that it would be a big waste of time. His specific words, as I recall them, were that “the only people that would read the blog would be [him] and Jay Hancock ... Carter, you can just call Hancock and me if there was anything worth writing about.”

Several years have passed since then, and the @TNTaxLawyer has posted over 1,700 tweets and amassed close to 1,000 followers on Twitter, without ever appearing on a reality TV show. With the formation of Carter Shelton, now seems like a good time to launch the blog, despite Reagan’s advice.

If you are reading this, and you are not Reagan Farr or Jay Hancock, then I will consider the blog an overwhelming success.

In the coming weeks and months, we plan to highlight routine and emerging Tennessee tax issues, so feel free to share constructive criticism as we figure this out. That said, if you ever think it is not entertaining enough, remember that it is you who chose to click on a link that directed you to a Tennessee tax blog.